Reduce overhead and simplify administrative and accounting tasks.

General Accounting, Financial and Employer Administrative Services.​

The financial operations of an organization is the engine that enables it to accomplish its mission every day. Operational day-to-day excellence is a must for an organization to maximize its potential. But in addition, an eye to the big picture is equally as important, in areas such as reserve management, investment management, and long-term financial sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of the role of sound fiscal management in being able to absorb a potentially catastrophic set of external circumstances. The human resources team of an organization is the core that works daily towards achieving its mission. Sound management of an organization’s HR component is critical to its success. The Core Management Company can provide this vital support to organizations with existing staff.

Advantages to outsourcing your financial and administrative services with The Core Management Company include:

  • Access to various levels of expertise and skills with multiple staff without having to hire multiple staff and/or paying higher level salaries to do routine administrative work.
  • Overhead cost reductions including mitigating the need for real estate in an area that is traditionally a brick-and-mortar part of an organization’s operations.
  • Dealing with executive-level TCMC staff in this area who understand the needs of an executive and can anticipate the type of information and report formatting that an ED/CEO or other senior staff requires to make tactical as well as strategic business decisions.
  • Reduce administrative payroll burdens by hiring only mission critical staff.
Financial, Accounting and Administrative
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable and related banking, Fixed asset, and depreciation accounting. 
  • Month-end accounting (income, expenses and related accruals/general journal entries, general ledger, reconciliation of bank and credit card transaction statements). 
  • Preparation of financial statements and Treasurer’s reports for Board meetings, and as otherwise needed and requested. 
  • The Organization’s California Lobbyist Employer and Lobbyist reporting and compliance support (reportable expense and staff time accounting, FPPC gift accounting, coordination with staff on specific matters lobbied and reportable activities, coordination with the any professional Treasurer, CPA, on data needed to file quarterly Form 635 and Form 615 disclosure reports with the California Secretary of State, related communications). 
  • Member billings and invoicing, W9s, accounting and related communications. 
  • Developing and managing the Organization’s annual budget in coordination with the Organization’s leadership. 
  • Administration of the Organization’s General Liability and D&O insurance policies (annual renewal applications and related document preparation/reporting, communications with the Organization’s leadership, the policy broker, and policy carrier as needed). 
  • Preparing and providing the Organization’s Tax Accountant with all data and reports needed for preparation and filing of the Organization’s non-profit IRS, Franchise Tax Board and local jurisdictional  tax returns. 
  • Preparing and filing additional government reports as may be required (e.g., Federal Census reports, Annual Bureau of Labor reports, annual IRS 1096/1099s, etc.)
  • Support the Organization in maintaining organizational and financial integrity and transparency, strong segregation of duties and strict compliance with IRS, FTB and FPPC requirements and regulations.  Our staff will report to the Organization’s ED/CEO or designated senior staff member directly. 
  • Assistance in development of a reserve and investment management policy. 
  • Oversight of management of the organization’s short term and long-term investments. 
Payroll Administration 
  • Payroll administration (staff time reports, PTO accounting, accruals and updates, coordination with the Organization’s Payroll Provider on bi-monthly check runs, bonuses, withholding, taxes, new hires and employee terminations, related communications, and notices). 
  • Employee benefits administration, including: 
    • The Organization’s 401k Plan (enrollments, employee deferrals, loans and payments, employer Safe Harbor and Matching contributions, census and compliance reporting, rollovers, terminations, and related staff and vendor communications and notices).
    • The Organization’s Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD/STD, and Life Insurance policies (enrollments, terminations, COBRA requirements, renewals, related communications, and notices).
    • New employee benefits if, and as added.
  • Workers Compensation policy administration (annual renewal applications, annual premium audits and related document preparation/reporting, communications with the policy broker and carrier auditors). 
  • Managing the Organization’s finance, human resource and administrative related matters and requirements as they may emerge, and related communications. 


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