Be S.M.A.R.T With Your Client Interactions

By Elizabeth Ernster, Membership and Communications Coordinator, The Core Management Company

Working in the customer and client service industry can be a tough one. Whether it’s from answering calls to taking care of invoices, it can be hard to remember to have that bright and shining face through it all.

So here are some S.M.A.R.T tips to follow:

S-Speak as your members do. Your members want conversation. Start your email off with “Hope your day is off to a great start!” or thank them for registering for your next event. By making the interaction less formal, it can create a better impression of you and your company.

M-Make sure to use positive language when speaking with members.  For example, if the person that they are looking for a certain webinar or education event, don’t tell them “There are no more spots available.” Instead say “This month’s event is full but we will be hosting another event next week. Would you like me to sign you up for that one now?”

A-Always strive to say yes. When members call, they most likely are looking for answers. We want to be as problem solvers, not problem creators. Don’t leave them with more questions than they came to you with.

R-Reply on time. By showing members that you are dedicated to their problem, it shows that your company cares and that makes them feel good about their choice to be a part of your organization.

T-Take your time to find the right answer to a question. Members call so they can get clarification so don’t cause more frustration by not having the right answer!

Next time you pick up that phone or talk with a member at an event, remember to be S.M.A.R.T so they will be left feeling heard.

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