“Terrain Ahead, Pull Up, Pull Up!”

CALSAE Article by David Murillo Graphic

By Bob Harris, CAE and David Murillo, CAE Board meetings can be comparable to a flight path. Calling the meeting to order is the originating point. The destination is results that advance the mission. A flight analogy  requires that the board, committees, and staff understand their “air space.”  When an aircraft drops below a safe […]

The Power of Effective Email Management

Writing in a notepad

By Elizabeth Ernster, Member Services Coordinator, The Core Management Company Gone are the days of mailers and door-to-door flyers. To thrive in today’s world, creating an effective, engaging email is the way to go. It’s instant and in front of your audience at the drop of a hat. But grabbing the attention of your audience […]

Wired for Success: Helpful Tips for Planning Virtual Events

By Christina Bauders, CMP, Event Services Executive, The Core Management Company To say that 2020 has been challenging would be a tremendous understatement, especially for meeting, event, and hospitality professionals. Over the last several months, there has been no choice but to change course and pivot (that dreaded word) to virtual events. As we have […]

Redefining Membership in a Time of Crisis

By William Hixson, CAE, Management Services Executive, The Core Management Company 2020 has challenged organizations across countless industries, and the non-profit association sector is no different. Many associations made membership gains over what has been nearly a decade of economic growth since the Great Recession, while other organizations experienced membership declines due to changing cultural […]