Effectively managing organizations during transitions and putting them on a trajectory for long term success.

Executive Strategies

TCMC’s Executive Strategies practice provides essential services to organizations that are in executive transitions. The overall intent of our approach is to ensure that the operations of the organization are being effectively managed during these transitions.

We provide the Board and incoming executives key data points and organizational information to place the new management in the best trajectory for success. We also allow new executives to focus on mission achievement from day one, not spend countless weeks ascertaining the state of the organizations operations.

Interim Management

Interim executive management is a great option for organizations that wish to take a pause in between chief executives and ensure the organization’s operations are running smoothly while they take their time in selecting a new executive. There are advantages to having a third-party, objective executive during that transition that does not have any long-term interest in who that new executive will be–interests that can complicate the selection process. Our team will place an experienced association or other not-for-profit executive as an interim Executive Director/CEO (or whatever title is appropriate). This executive serves as interim “chief staff officer” and also serves as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the staff during the transition period. Specifically, the interim executive will: 

  • Supervise staff with an empathetic approach and one focused on stability and maximizing mission achievement.
  • Report to the Board on the organization’s operational readiness and identify any immediate issues that may require urgent resolution.
  • Ensure the organization’s financial operations and resources are secure.
  • Ensure all risk management/insurance policies protecting the organizations are in place.
  • Help facilitate discussions on the Board as needed.
  • Meet with any external stakeholders or partners to discuss any pertinent items.
  • Meet with members of the staff to obtain any pertinent information that may be valuable for their successor and the Board.
  • When possible and appropriate, meet with the former executive to obtain any pertinent information that may be valuable for their successor and the Board.
  • Meet with an incoming executive during their initial tenure as needed to assist in the transition.


The nature of organization’s transition will in large part inform our approach. With a planned transition we will be able to (if the Board feels it appropriate) work with the incumbent in the days/weeks prior to the departure to facilitate the transition to interim management. With an unscheduled departure (and little or no time for transition), our team assumes the helm on day one. We are also able to work with the new executive in the first days/weeks of their appointment to help facilitate as seamless transition as possible to the new permanent executive.

Oversee A Financial Audit/Review

Transitions in executive management provide an opportunity for an organization to take stock of the integrity of its financial operations and test its protocols. If there is not already a schedule of audits/reviews in place already, we strongly suggest that the Board consider a financial audit of the organization, especially if it has never had one or it has been a few years since the last one. An audit can identify any corrective issues that need to take place before a new executive takes the helm, and with our team overseeing the process, the Board will have a fully objective third-party perspective.

Our team will:

  • Liaison and staff any existing audit committee.
  • Help the organization develop an RFP for auditing companies.
  • Oversee the RFP process including facilitating the vetting of the companies along with any volunteer members.
  • Supervise the organization’s staff who will be assisting the auditors.
  • Liaison and assist in the presentation of the audit to the Board.
  • Put an action plan in place to adopt recommendations as needed.

Membership Value Proposition Analysis

For optimal performance it’s imperative that membership  organizations be intentional and deliberate about knowing the value proposition of its membership—that is, what is the perceived value of the goods and services that members receive in return for dues.  An analysis of a value proposition allows the organization to study where members find value and if it varies across member types or other demographical segment. An organization that knows its value proposition strongly, can solidify its recruitment and retention activity by relevant programs and associated messaging. This type of analysis can also help organizations find opportunities for additional value and programs.

Our team can:

  • Review all current member’s only services.
  • Review utilization of these services by current members.
  • Survey the membership with respect to value proposition.
  • Explore areas of additional value proposition.
  • Review how value proposition programs are currently marketed—is there a value or communication challenge?
  • Explore whether the value proposition varies by member segments.

Facilitate Tactical and Strategic Meetings for the Board on Selecting the Next Executive    

Prior to hiring an executive, some organizations like to take a step back and consider what the specific needs of the organization are with respect to leadership. For Boards wishing to take that pause, our team will help facilitate those discussions in a one or a series of meetings for that sole purpose. The result can be:

  • An opportunity for the Board to do an objective and candid assessment with respect to the strengths and challenges of previous executive leadership and use that information to better inform the choice for the next hire.
  • Discussion and consensus as to what specific skills and traits the Board will be looking for in the next executive.
  • Alignment on what the immediate priorities should be for the incoming executive.
  • Review and assessment as to where the organization is with respect to its most recent strategic plan.
  • A discussion addressing any findings our interim management team may have found with respect to the organization’s operations.

Selection of the Best Interim Executive

Our team will work the Board of Directors to discuss the scope of the interim management services the organization needs in order to find the best individual for the respective assignment.

All of our interim executives are Certified Association Executives (CAE) and have experience as executive directors. All Interim Executive assignments are personally supervised by the President + Chief Mission Officer of the Core Management Company, David Murillo, CAE, who has 20 plus years industry experience and has worked for and with a myriad of associations varying in size, make up and industry.

David has served in an executive director capacity of local, state and national organizations and previously served as an-house  membership executive for associations including the California Restaurant Association and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) California. He was awarded the prestigious Association Executive of the Year Award by the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) in 2019 and served as Chair of the Board of CalSAE from 2020-2021.

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