LinkedIn Best Practices for Associations

By Rachael DiCicco, Director of Marketing, Core Strategic Group

There are so many social media channels available to promote your organization, but it’s important to remember who your target audience is and what they are looking for. When it comes to professional associations, one of the most critical social channels to utilize is LinkedIn because it specifically targets professionals and businesses.

From highlighting your association’s brand, establishing credibility, and creating a meaningful network to tapping into industry news, promoting events, and finding new employees, having a strong LinkedIn presence can help your association target members, potential new members and relevant industry partners.

There are 58 million company pages on LinkedIn, so it’s critical to ensure your association page is set up properly and regularly updated. Once your page is up and running, the next main components are content creation, audience engagement and analytics tracking, which will ensure your page is successful by resonating with your target audiences.

  • Content Creation: This is the real meat of your page, because you’re not sharing content, you’re not giving people any reason to follow your page or engage with you. Think of what your page is currently posting and consider other options that could enhance those posts, such as including photos, sharing statistics, posting job opportunities, highlighting your association leadership or members, or promoting an upcoming event. When creating this content, remember to remain authentic, post consistently, keep it professional, and highlight your thought leadership in the space.
  • Encouraging Engagement: You can share as much content as possible on your LinkedIn page, but if you don’t have the support of your team, your page is not going to be anywhere close to as successful as it could be. 30% of a company’s engagement on LinkedIn comes from employees, so team members are essentially brand ambassadors on LinkedIn because titles and companies are some of the first things you see on someone’s LinkedIn profile. Encourage team members to share and comment on posts to get a conversation started, as well as to invite their connections to follow your page using free LinkedIn credits.
  • Tracking Analytics: If you’re not tracking LinkedIn analytics, you cannot know for sure that you are achieving your desired results. This is essential when it comes to quantifying social media marketing efforts and providing the data you need to improve your social media ROI. Tracking these analytics can help you set reasonable goals for your association, as well as see what may or may not be working on this channel, which will allow you to adjust the content as needed. If you aren’t tracking data, you’re just guessing whether your brand is meeting its goals.


By creating relevant content, encouraging engagement, and tracking your analytics, you are setting your association’s LinkedIn page up for success. All three of these components will ensure your posts are capturing the attention of your target audience and building a strong following for your page.


The Core Management Company has extensive experience in creating successful LinkedIn pages and content on behalf of associations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions:


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