2022 President’s Message

Dear Friends and Professional Colleagues, I hope the start to 2022 finds you happy and healthy. It certainty continues to be a time of ongoing challenges, but as always,  I’m proud of the way our team has bobbed, weaved and met each one of those challenges head on! We continue to take pride in working […]

Three Actions to Strengthen Your Association’s Social Media Presence

By Brooke Bushart, Senior Account Executive, FSB Public Affairs, A TCMC Sister Company As the world of social media grows, so does the importance of a strong social media presence. Whether it is your association’s brand or your clients’, we all know the importance and difference social media can make for associations across industries. While […]

When a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats—Selling Membership Can be a Challenge

By David Murillo, CAE, President + Chief Mission Officer, The Core Management Company In my almost two-decades-long career working in the sphere of membership for associations, I’ve found that a membership joining dynamic can fall into one of 3 large buckets: “transactional,” “community,” and “change agent.” Note that these are not mutually exclusive—a prospective member […]

What a Squirrel Can Teach Us About Reserves

By David Murillo, CAE, President + Chief Mission Officer, The Core Management Company If the pandemic has proved anything, it’s that the unimaginable can happen at any moment and when you least expect it. It is with that maxim in mind, that associations and other non-to-for-profit organizations have employed the practice that squirrels likely have […]

Fair Winds & Following Seas

Recently I’ve felt like, collectively, we’ve all been emerging out of a long and dark dirt tunnel with globs of mud under our fingernails that have gathered as we’ve clawed through it. This is a graphic, yet I would argue an accurate depiction of what it has felt like to begin the journey into a […]

Let’s Talk Board Size: Considerations for Managing a Large Association Board

By William Hixson, CAE, Management Services Executive, The Core Management Company Like many things in life, association boards of directors come in many shapes and sizes. There is no magic number that makes for an ideal board of directors. A board should have a sufficient number of members to represent a diverse sample of the […]

Association Membership Engagement in a Virtual Era

By Emily Mullin, CAE, Management Services Executive, The Core Management Company In the past year, the entire world has been forced to stretch our limits, thinking, and creativity to operate in ways we have never considered in the past or frankly avoided because we didn’t perceive a need. In overcoming the struggles and being stretched […]

The Best of Both Worlds – Hybrid Meetings

By Christina Bauders, CMP, Senior Operations Executive As we hopefully enter the tail end of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, meeting planners are looking forward to rebuilding an events industry that has been left in disarray and in shambles. That future will all but certainly include hybrid meetings. With the industry relying solely on virtual events […]

Meet the TCMC Team

The Core Management Company Team photo

According to American Association of Association Executives (ASAE), the association management industry has continuously grown to more than 600 service providers worldwide that work with associations representing 3 million+ members. For some team members at The Core Management Company, the association management industry was not the industry they had initially planned on working in. In […]