Three Actions to Strengthen Your Association’s Social Media Presence

By Brooke Bushart, Senior Account Executive, FSB Public Affairs, A TCMC Sister Company

As the world of social media grows, so does the importance of a strong social media presence. Whether it is your association’s brand or your clients’, we all know the importance and difference social media can make for associations across industries. While paid media or advertising can be great ways to increase visibility, it is equally as important to invest time in an organic strategy. So, what does an organic strategy entail?


Engagement means how many likes, shares, retweets, saves, comments, replies you get on your posts. So how do you increase your engagement? Invest time in your followers, they are the key!

  • Pay attention to your followers: These are the people who care about what you are posting, what you are promoting and what you are doing. It is so important to humanize your posts and your interactions with them. If they complement your post, comment a quick thank you or like their comment as these things show people you care about them and acknowledge that they are there supporting your channel.
  • Know who your followers are: From demographics to interests, understanding all aspects of your followers will help guide your content strategy. It’s key to focus on content that your followers want to see. There are tools available to help you view or even export this data, but even without those you can still see where most of your interactions come from just by observing post or video engagements.
  • Interact with followers: Interacting with your followers makes them more inclined to interact with your posts. As algorithms change across platforms, this helps keep your posts on your follower’s feeds. These engagements and interactions can include: liking a comment, replying to a comment, giving a follow back, or resharing someone’s post about your content. These engagements can truly make a difference and may encourage organic sharing amongst your followers’ personal networks.



What is your association and what makes you different? There are no shortages of organizations on social media, finding what makes you unique is what brings people back to your page and facilitates a sense of loyalty.

  • Find your visual brand: Your visual brand sets you apart from all the other associations on the platforms. Your visual brand can be anything from keeping your logo watermarked on all your posts, using the same filter on your pictures, or using certain verbiage in your content.
  • Who are you? Your followers are your followers because they like your association. This means staying true to your brand, even as your brand grows and evolves. Personalize your brand and be fully authentic with who you are.



This may be the most important tool when it comes to social media, as they say, consistency is key. You need to be consistent with your engagement, your posting, and your overall brand. There is a myriad of tools to help with scheduling and previewing content, so you will not miss a post. If necessary, plan ahead and think through what kind of content you want to post and how you will post it – e.g., you may want to create reels for Instagram three times a week or aim to have two carousel image feed posts per week. The idea of consistency is applicable across all aspects of social media and includes everything from follower engagement to content production.

There will always be something new and flashy when it comes to social media, but the basics will stay relatively the same, so when in doubt, take a minute and reflect on these three areas: engagement, authenticity, and consistency.


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